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Benton, Steve Principal
White, Jason Assistant Principal
Revell, Bess K - 5th Guidance Counselor
Green, Brenda 6th - 8th Guidance Counselor

Agan, Anita ESE
Baggett, Danielle 6th Science/Social Studies
Cherry, Jessica Kindergarten
Clark, Jessica Kindergarten
Conyers, Robyn 3rd - 4th Inclusion
Copeland, Kristy 3rd and 4th Inclusion
Creamer, Stacey 3rd Grade
Dillmore, Nancy Microsoft Academy
Fletcher, Pat 7th Reading/Language Arts
Flowers, Jeri MS Civics & History
Flowers, Sherry 3rd Grade
Gingerich, Hannah 2nd Grade
Glass, Christy 4th Grade
Grantham, Grant Physical Education
Hill, Callie 1st Grade
Hudgins, Jennifer 4th Grade
Jansen, Amanda 4th Grade
Lee, Jennifer K - 2nd Inclusion
Marotta, Anthony 3rd Grade
May, Samantha 6th Grade
McCalvin, Hannah 7th & 8th Science
Newsome, Samantha 7th & 8th Math
Presha, Marion 5th Reading/Language Arts
Reeves, Monica 2nd Grade
Resnick, Shelby 6th Grade Math
Revell, Matt Physical Education
Rogers, Rachel Music
Sizemore, Misty 3rd Grade
Strickland, Krystal Kindergarten
Sullivan, Laura MS Math
Summers, Danielle 1st Grade
Summers, Keri 1st Grade
Swier, Emily 2nd Grade
Vowell, Stacey Technology
Wilkes, Hope 5th Science/Social Studies
Willis, Jina 8th Reading/Language Arts

Baggett, Renee Custodial Department
Black, Claudie Secretary
Cochran, Penny Para-Professional
Granger, Susan Custodial Department
Grantham, Neil PE/Athletic Director
Hayes, Kathy Para-professional
Holland, Ladell Data Entry
Hollie, Angelica Para-Professional
Johnson, Ron Lunchroom
Love, Gladstone Custodial Department
Rowe, Cheryl Custodial Department
Seaman, Agnes Lunchroom
Smith, Brittany Lunchroom
Stephens, Tammy Para-professional
Trickey, Misty Custodial Department
Vowell, Chris Para-Professional