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Thursday, February 22, 2018
School Grade

Parents and Stakeholders,

The Florida School Accountability Reports are located on the FDOE website address:

This site includes information about Liberty County Schools and other school in the state. The following reports and information can be found at this site. .

Florida School Grades – 2017

• School Grades Overview (PDF)

• School Grades (Excel)

• District Grades (Excel)

• Guide to Calculating School and District Grades (PDF)

• EDStats: Interactive Reports for School and District Grades


Florida School Improvement Ratings – 2017

• School Improvement Ratings (Excel)

• Guide to Calculating School Improvement Rating Calculations (PDF)


Graduation Rates – 2017

• Florida's Federal High School Graduation Rates, 2016-17 (PDF)

• Florida's Federal Graduation Rates by Race by School and District, 2016-17 (Excel)

• Florida's Federal Graduation Rates by Special Category by School and District, 2016-17 (Excel)

• Historical Graduation Rates 1998-99 to 2016-17 (PDF)

• Historical Summary of Florida’s Graduation Rate (PDF)

• 2016-17 Information Guide for the 4-Year Graduation Rate Cohort (PDF)


Accountability Reports – 2017

• 300 Lowest Performing Elementary Schools (Excel)

• Persistently Low-Performing Schools (Excel) ◦Note: This list reflects post-appeals grades and MSID updates to the status of schools.


•Schools of Excellence ◦ Elementary Schools (Excel)

◦ Middle Schools (Excel)

◦ High Schools (Excel)

◦ Combination Schools (Excel)


• Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs) for Schools, Districts and the State (Excel)


School Grades Calendars

• 2017 Calendar (PDF)

• 2018 Calendar (PDF)


Reports and Presentations

• Florida School Grades Results Packet (PDF)

• Accountability Reporting Presentations


Archives: School Accountability Reports

• Previous Years’ Accountability Reports and Documents

• School Public Accountability Reports (SPARs)

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